About EB-5

There are two ways to immigrate to the U.S.: family immigration and employment-based immigration.

The fifth employment-based immigration category — EB-5, or “investment immigration” — is granted to people who make investments of $1 million, or $500,000 in high unemployment areas. The only requirement is that 10 jobs must be created for each green card.

The American Dream is within your grasp.

But did you know?

  • In 2014, 1,179 projects were indicted for fraud.
  • Only 50% of all applicants successfully obtain a permanent Green Card.

To date, the USCIS has approved 1,222 EB-5 Regional Centers. Faced with so many possible projects — real and fake — how do you filter for the best?

Project characteristics to look for:

1. Land

Does the developer own the land, is any mortgages on the land, is there another user on the land? If this is not clear, don’t consider!

2. Development Status

Has the developer has obtained a license? Building permits? Did the project start? When? When is completion?

Under normal circumstances the start of the project signals that there is an estimated date of completion. If you do not know when the project will be completed, do not consider!

3. Third-party or Franchise Involvement

Does the project have franchise rights, or will it be managed by a third party after completion? Generally developers specialize in engineering, construction and land development. Management of the project is handed over to a qualified third party to reinforce security and improve investment value. If the third party is not renowned, do not consider!

Only continue with a project if it has the above three things. Otherwise, you should look for other projects. Do not forget out of the hundreds of projects, you only need one!

Found a project? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Find a good immigration lawyer.

Remember: Normally, the attorney will not recommend you to any projects. If your attorney is recommending you projects, you should be wary and choose carefully because your attorneys’ fees do not include this service. Your lawyer should not have any conflicts of interest.

2. Review the project.

Personally visit the project company, understand the business opportunities, inspect the project site, and have your attorney review the implementation of The Three Project Characteristics.

3. Protect your investment immigration application.

Determine the value of your collateral. It should always be higher than 30% of your investment amount.

The strength of the third-party brand is critical to ensure that the business operations achieve their goals and to make sure that your investment creates 10 jobs.

This then, is a good, successful EB5 project!

You worked hard for your next generation and family. We welcome your first step into this world of investment immigration. I hope you will follow these points of consideration. We can help you fulfill your American dream.

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